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Инвестиционные квартиры на продажу в Гирне, Северный Кипр
160 000 €
Северный Кипр, Кирения (Гирне)
Инвестиционные квартиры на продажу в Гирне, Северный Кипр
Open Your Door to the SeaOur common areas have been designed so that you can spend your time in a pleasant way.  You can spend time in the pool, in the garden or in our sports/ recreation areas. With its meticulously thought-out landscaping, happiness will surround you among the flowers.Architecture is designed for you to take full advantage of the location. Details designed in harmony with each other in your home and in the common area, will enable easy access everywhere.The services such as after-sales maintenance, repair, and management will be provided by administrativeaffairs and management. While you are on holiday, the services are entrusted to  Feel free to get in touch with us at your convenience. We're here to assist you with any questions or concerns you may have
49 m²
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